Public Health

Public health officials are faced with many ongoing and emerging challenges: determining the impact of health care reform, strengthening public health infrastructure, reducing health disparities, preparing for emergencies, monitoring chronic disease, and understanding the relationship between health and the environment. Public health decision-makers need high-quality data and analyses to help them address these issues by weighing competing policy options, supporting and evaluating ongoing programs, and gathering input from an array of key stakeholders, among other approaches.

NORC offers a range of capabilities in public health, including technical assistance, program evaluation, and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. Our team includes prominent health policy experts, nationally recognized public health researchers with general and specialized expertise in areas such as rural health and tribal issues, skilled methodologists, and leaders in the field of survey design and implementation. Our staff also brings expertise in populations of special interest and the intersection of public health and health care delivery. We offer broad, multidisciplinary experiences spanning public health, epidemiology, statistics, policy, developmental psychology, economics, sociology, social work, and political science.

NORC’s Public Health staff work closely with colleagues in Health Sciences and Health Care to offer program, policy, and research solutions. We are committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships among our staff, partners, and sponsors through collaboration, mutual respect, and a commitment to improving health and health care for all people.