Sustaining a Virtual Research Community

The current public policy debate concerning private capital reveals a lack of understanding of its many forms and applications in the global economy today. Industry advocates make sweeping claims about benefits, while critics assert broad charges, with little evidence to support either side except for anecdotes or small and possibly distorted samples. One of the primary barriers to high quality academic research on the private capital industry is the quality of information relating to transactions and funds.

Academic research studies in this area are difficult to replicate and/or refute because the results are highly dependent on a particular data source. PCRI is utilizing the NORC Data Enclave as a platform to support the development of unprecedented research databases on private capital funds and transactions by gathering data from data providers and industry participants, providing authorized users access to these data and disseminating findings to policy makers, practitioners, and the public.

PCRI was founded by Josh Lerner, Ph.D. and Joseph Rice, PCRI is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Harvard Business School that focuses on private equity research, funded by the Kauffman Foundation, the Brookings Institution, and the Association of Corporate Growth. PCRI's overarching mission is to promote a better understanding of the Private Capital Industry.