State-by-State Recommendations to Improve Data on Drugged Drivers

This project was sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAAFTS). NORC assessed and documented current state-level laws, policies and practices in all 50 states and DC as they related to state-level recommendations listed in the AAAFTS publication entitled: “Advancing Drugged Driving Data at the State Level: Synthesis of Barriers and Expert Panel Recommendations” (March 2016).

NORC conducted a systematic review of the existing literature for the purposes of ascertaining current policies and practices across each of the states and DC. Specifically, the team identified state statues, regulations, statements of policy, agency websites, guides, and other related documents that substantiated policies and practices dealing with drugged driving. To ensure that the review process was conducted in an efficient manner, the project team worked closely with AAAFTS staff and developed a plan that clearly outlined each of the steps and the key parameters that guided the process.

The project team conducted a Westlaw computer-assisted legal search to identify state legal records. This was followed by four additional searches: 1) identification of in-state literature and policies directly from state highway safety offices, 2) a review of documents from the state department of transportation agencies, 3) a search of websites and documents from each state police agency, and finally the identification of any court level documents relating to drugged driving.

Once these steps were completed, NORC synthesized and documented the findings by comparing information ascertained from the search with the state-level recommendations documented by the AAAFTS drugged driving expert panel.