Office on Women's Health Program Evaluation of Women's Health Leadership Institute

NORC provided support to OWH to evaluate an OWH initiative, the Women's Health Leadership Institute (WHLI) program. The goal of the WHLI program (2011-2014) was to provide training for community health workers (CHWs) to conduct outreach, community education, counseling and to provide social support in communities that resulted in system-level changes, with the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities and/or addressing women's health issues. Following completion of the WHLI, CHWs were expected to develop and complete a community action project (CAP) and to use their expanded skills in community assessment, community organizing, and advocacy to address disparities. The WHLI employed a Train the Trainers Model, through which Master Trainers (MTs) learned to deliver the WHLI training curriculum to CHWs.

As part of this evaluation, NORC abstracted information and provided a report including a summary of both 2011 and 2012 stakeholder meeting notes, technical assistance logs, CAP summary reports, CAP planning worksheet and status reports. The report also summarized the evaluation report from the previous evaluation, conducted by the University of Arizona in 2014. Using the information summarized, NORC provided preliminary answers to a list research questions. As part of this project, NORC also designed and pretested an online survey and telephone interview guides that will allow further evaluation of the long-term effect of the WHLI program.

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