The Media Insight Project

‚ÄčThe Media Insight Project is a collaboration between the American Press Institute and The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research with the objective of conducting high-quality, innovative research meant to inform the news industry and the public about various important issues facing journalism and the news business. The Media Insight Project brings together the expertise of both organizations and their respective partners, and involves collaborations among key staff at the American Press Institute, NORC at the University of Chicago, and The Associated Press.

Since 2014, Media Insight Project studies have explored the "personal news cycle," how Millennials get news, news consumption habits of African American and Hispanic adults, what makes people trust and rely on news, how Americans decide what news to trust on social media, the future of digital advertising, paying for news and why people subscribe, and Americans' attitudes about news media generally compared to the news media they consume.

These studies have leveraged the methods of traditional survey research combined with group interviews, essay exercises, news tracking diaries, segmentation analysis, and other innovative methodologies.

Project reports are available at www.mediainsight.orgextlink.


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