Stanford University MATRICES project

The MATRICES project, funded by the National Cancer Institute and sponsored by Stanford University, aims to get a snapshot of tobacco, vaping, and marijuana use among California's public college students. Stanford has contracted with NORC at the University of Chicago to support the institutional recruiting and a student survey.

JUULs, Natural American Spirit, and edibles are sold online and in local stores. Nationally, 1 in 3 college students still use tobacco; use of vapes is even higher; and marijuana use among young adults is the highest rate it has been in 35 years.

California was the second state to pass “Tobacco 21,” raising the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco in California to 21. California is among the 8 US states to legalize recreational marijuana use: retail sales began in 2018.

Details of the MATRICES project work schedule are as follows:

  • Summer 2018 - Questionnaire and sample design, piloting
  • Fall 2018 - Sample frame building and sample selection
  • Spring 2018 - Data collection
  • Summer 2019 - First study results

The project will conduct web-based data collection featuring an embedded mapping tool.

Participating universities and colleges will receive summary reports for their campus or district relative to their overall system (i.e., California State University, University of California, California Community College System). This summary may inform health services, student advocacy, and enhancements to tobacco-free campus policies.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lisa Henriksen
Stanford University


Trent Johnson
Program Manager
(650) 723-0059