Levantamiento de Encuestas de Seguimiento de la Evaluación de Impacto del Programa Bono 10,000

Under this contract, funded by the Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho Presidencial (SDP) in Honduras and the Inter-American Development Bank, NORC designed and implemented an endline survey for the impact evaluation of the Government of Honduras’ Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program, "Bono 10,000." This is a follow-up to the baseline survey and evaluation NORC administered in 2012. Bono 10,000 is designed for families in rural areas; families will receive the vouchers on the condition that their children enroll in school and attend classes 80 percent of the time. In addition, the families must make use of preventive health services for children aged five and under, and women must receive pre- and postnatal care. The Bono 10,000 Program is intended to improve access to health services and education by beneficiary households; improve education, nutrition and health status of beneficiary household members, especially children and women; and eventually reduce poverty levels in these low income households. The rigorous evaluation of the CCT program was conducted by an independent third party. NORC administered the survey and anthropological measure to persons in approximately 4,500 households in 300 Honduran villages to support the impact evaluation.