JUST Capital

​Under contract from JUST Capital, NORC conducted a series of qualitative and quantitative studies to help determine the importance of aspects that contribute to how Americans understand ethical corporate behavior corporate behavior (a concept known as corporate ‘JUSTness’). As part of a rigorous approach, the NORC team utilized measurement techniques used in market research that minimize respondent burden and allow an exploration of multiple conceptual element (i.e., conjoint analysis and MaxDiff designs).

In particular, NORC explored 36 items (referred to as “components”) in a balanced MaxDiff design, presented with only 14 questions. Respondents indicate which behaviors they considered the “most important” in evaluating how JUST a corporation is, and which behavior they considered “least important.” These measurement approaches allowed the use of multivariate logit models to derive individual-level and aggregate-level utilities for respondents, to determine the importance of components in corporate justness.

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