Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Provider Network Initiative

The five grantees of OWH's Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Provider Network initiative include universities, centralized hospitals, diverse clinical networks, and nonprofit organizations, all of which partner with an array of social services agencies providing housing, legal, transportation, mental health, employment, substance use, education, safety planning and advocacy services. OWH developed and funded the IPV Provider Network program in 2015 to increase referrals to meet the complex service needs of women and girls experiencing domestic violence, also known as intimate partner abuse. The program also responds to the expanded coverage under ACA for IPV survivors through clinical screening and documentation within patients' electronic health records.

NORC provides site-specific evaluation support, conducts administrative surveys and key informant interviews with the grantees and their social service provider partners, produces quarterly cross-site integrated evaluation reports to OWH, and supports OWH's dissemination of project results.

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