Domestic Violence HIV Intitiative

NORC assisted OWH in creating a half-day DV/HIV Cross Training Guide for domestic violence and HIV/AIDS service providers. The DV/HIV Cross training guide provides an opportunity to address the intersection of HIV/AIDS and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among HIV and IPV service providers working with clients to improve their skills in understanding the issues and secondly improve the service delivery. Four contractors previously each produced training modules with varied approaches to training. Training modalities included in-person meetings, webinar, all-group, and divided groups. NORC created a conceptual model, coded and performed a synthesized component analysis of the four contractors' training guides, and developed a yet-to-be released training to build the capacity of both IPV service providers and advocates and HIV service providers and counselors to integrate HIV risk reduction practices and violence safety planning services for women into their respective practices.

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