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Analyzing the Socioeconomic impact of the Water Hibah on Beneficiary Households and Communities (Stage 1)

NORC has been tasked with developing the research method and supplemental materials for a comprehensive socioeconomic impact evaluation of the 2010/2011 Water Hibah program. NORC will be consolidating and preparing the baseline Water Hibah data for use in the impact evaluation. More

Development and Evaluation of the Hurricane Recovery Program Community Resilience Pilot

The ability of a community to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a natural disaster is a critical piece of resilience. Within these frameworks, increasing priority is being placed on community-based approaches to resilience, where the strength of networks and their sustainability plays a major role in the community’s overall resilience. More

Egypt Think Tank Workshop

The Goverment of Egypt invited NORC to conduct a workshop in early 2011 on the management of think tanks and research projects. NORC conducted sessions on think tank organization, management, analysis plans, research quality control, and communication. More

Impact Evaluation of USAID 'Yes Youth Can!' - Kenya Project

Yes Youth Can! (YYC) is the largest USAID (United States Agency for International Development) program in the world, covering approximately 60% of Kenya. The YYC program was initially created in response to the 2007 post-election violence involving Kenya's youth, with the goal of empowering Kenya's oft-marginalized youth - economically, politically, and socially - through the creation, training, and support of self-led and managed youth groups. For this project, NORC was responsible for designing and conducting a rigorous impact evaluation. The impact evaluation is aimed at addressing both the Accountability and Learning objectives as laid out in the USAID Evaluation Policy, and will be used by USAID YYC staff in order to inform future programming in YYC in Kenya and beyond.​ More

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Coverage (KAPC) Survey Round 2

The scope of work for NORC will entail survey preparation and implementation including review of survey design; preparation of a sampling frame, review and finalization of data collection tools; pre-testing of the survey data collection tools; selection and training of survey teams; planning and coordinating of household level interviews (3,432 total cases); in-field quality control; data entry, error detection/correction and data cleaning and; preparation of survey report and meta data documentation. In addition, NORC is expected to undertake analysis of the changes since the baseline phase, which will entail analysis of data set from KAPC Survey Round I.​ More

MiDA-Ghana Feeder Roads Impact Evaluation

NORC and its local partner Pentax Management Consulting are conducting an impact evaluation of Ghana’s Feeder Roads Activity, to determine the impact of feeder roads improvements on farm incomes. More

Namibia Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management (CBRLM) Surveys

NORC is carrying out surveys during 2010-2014 to support the impact evaluation of the Community-Based Rangeland and Livestock Management (CBRLM) Sub-Activity for the  Millennium Challenge Corporation. More

Namibia Conservancy Support and Indigenous Natural Products (CS.INP) Surveys

NORC has been contracted to implement a Conservancy Support and Indigenous Natural Products Household and Organizational Survey to support the  Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Compact with the Republic of Namibia. More

Tracer Survey of Qualified Vocational Training Applicants

MCA-N has contracted with NORC to implement a Tracer Survey of Qualified Vocational Education and Training (VET) applicants. The objective of this survey is to collect high-quality data to support the impact evaluation of the training funded through the Vocational Training Grant Fund (VTGF) established by Millennium Challenge Account Namibia and through the Namibia Training Authority's (NTA's) National Training Fund (NTF). The impact evaluation will use a matching, a double difference and a single difference approach, and will focus on the impact on income and employment outcomes.​ More

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