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2013 California Employer Health Benefits Survey

NORC and its partner National Research LLC will conduct telephone interviews over the spring and summer of 2013 with benefits managers through a representative sample of California businesses with three or more workers.  Results are released through an annual report in December of each year, along with a public use file More

Annual Survey of Employer Health Benefits, 2011

NORC takes a lead role in the survey and sampling design for this grant, along with data collection, database construction, analysis, and writing of the annual report and journal article. More

Commercial Health Insurance and Public Sector Health Coverage Technical Assistance

In 2011 CCIIO awarded NORC at the University of Chicago a three year contract to provide technical assistance to CCIIO.  Three subcontractors collaborate with NORC on the project – Mathematica Policy Research, Health Management Associates, and Wakely Associates. More

Comparing Employer and Non-Group Health Plans Against the Health Reform Benefit Standard

The Commonwealth Fund is sponsoring this project, which builds upon previous research conducted by NORC.  This study examines trends in the affordability, actuarial value, and expected out-of-pocket expenses of health insurance in the small group, large group, and individual health insurance markets using 2010 data. More

Effects of Insurance Market Reforms

This project for the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Evaluation (ASPE) in the Department of Health and Human Services aims to document the effect on premiums of the 2010 insurance market reforms required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). More

Monitoring Marketplace Health Plans

In 2014, the Commonwealth Fund awarded NORC at the University of Chicago a one-year grant to examine trends in both the state-based and federal health insurance marketplaces established through the Affordable Care Act.   More

Multiple System Utilization Among TRICARE Beneficiaries

This study seeks to describe the role of individual beneficiary choice for increased use of civilian care by analyzing outcomes and processes of care to determine if beneficiaries have care coordination problems.   More

Surveying Small Employers to Inform the Design of State Insurance Exchanges

Surveying Small Employers to Inform the Design of State Insurance Exchanges, funded by the Commonwealth Fund, aims to collect data from 500 randomly selected private employers with 50 or fewer workers in the U.S. about public policy issues pertaining to the operation of health insurance exchanges.

Trends in Health Insurance Premiums

This study for the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) aims to build a baseline data set for the years 2008-2011 from 30 states that will enable the HHS and others to evaluate the impact of the Affordable Care Act. More

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