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Analyzing the Socioeconomic impact of the Water Hibah on Beneficiary Households and Communities (Stage 1)

NORC has been tasked with developing the research method and supplemental materials for a comprehensive socioeconomic impact evaluation of the 2010/2011 Water Hibah program. NORC will be consolidating and preparing the baseline Water Hibah data for use in the impact evaluation. More

Impact Evaluation of Development Programs in Lesotho

NORC is conducting impact evaluations for the Millennium Challenge Corporation under the Millenium Challenge Account program in Lesotho: Health Centers Activity; Anti-Retroviral Therapy Clinics Activity ;  Rural Water Activity; and Urban Water Activity. More

Impact Evaluation of Development Programs in Benin and the Republic of Georgia

NORC has partnered with the Urban Institute to carry out impact evaluations of development programs funded through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The evaluation will assess the program contributions to economic growth, job creation, and increased household incomes, and will help guide the design of future programs. More

MCA and MCC Honduras Impact Evaluation Services

The Goal of the MCC Compact in Honduras was to stimulate economic growth and poverty reduction. To accomplish this goal, the MCA-Honduras Program aimed to achieve the following objectives: to increase the productivity and business skills of farmers who operate small and medium sized farms (the “Agricultural Objective”); and reduce transportation costs between targeted production centers and national, regional, and global markets (the “Transportation Objective”).  More

MCA Burkina Faso Agricultural Data Collection in the Sourou Valley and Comoe Basin

NORC, together with its local Burkina partner CERFODES, is designing the study sample, developing all data collection tools, and gathering data that will be used to monitor and conduct impact evaluations of MCA-Burkina programs. More

MCC Impact Evaluation Services in the Republic of Georgia

The Goal of MCC’s Compact with the Government of Georgia is to reduce rural poverty through better economic performance by improving the two main barriers to economic growth: a lack of reliable infrastructure and the slow development of businesses, particularly agribusiness.  More

MiDA-Ghana Feeder Roads Impact Evaluation

NORC and its local partner Pentax Management Consulting are conducting an impact evaluation of Ghana’s Feeder Roads Activity, to determine the impact of feeder roads improvements on farm incomes. More

World Bank Infrastructure Improvement Evaluations in Egypt and Sri Lanka

The World Bank hired NORC to gather extensive transport cost data and create an econometric model to help answer whether improving roads to peripheral and isolated locations will reduce transport prices and improve physical connectivity. More

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