Building a Culture of Health: How Americans Differ

​NORC recently conducted the American Health Values Survey (AHVS), a study funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of its Culture of Health initiative. The work involves the development of a typology of U.S. adults based on their heath values and beliefs and is meant to help guide efforts promoting health equity and population health in the United States. The survey explores views about the importance of health in personal life, health as a priority for the U.S. government and civil society, health care disparities, health equity and health-related civic engagement. More than 10,000 American adults were interviewed for the survey which was conducted in late 2015 and early 2016.

The survey made use of both an address-based sample of U.S. households and respondents from AmeriSpeak, NORC’s new national web survey panel. The AHVS is now being replicated in five sentinel communities across the nation including Baltimore, Maryland, Maricopa County, Arizona and Mobile, Alabama.