A survey panel representing the racial and ethnic diversity of today’s young adults from the Black Youth Project at The University of Chicago and NORC.

​GenForward is a survey panel of racially and ethnically diverse young Americans age 18-30 who have agreed to participate in research surveys on a range of topics including health issues, government policies and programs, current events, and consumer products and services.

It is the only survey research panel to emphasize the representation of Black, Latino, and Asian American young adults, bringing these voices to the forefront.  Unlike opt-in survey panels, GenForward is a nationally representative, probability-based panel supporting accurate measurement of the attitudes and opinions of today’s racially and ethnically diverse young adults.

Representing the changing demographics of the United States, GenForward enables researchers, advocates, businesses, and journalists to effectively monitor the opinions, political attitudes, experiences, and preferences of this important population group.

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