Data Modeling and Simulation

With proven statistical expertise, NORC designs data models and conducts simulations to provide estimated statistics and evaluate research designs.

Representative Projects

Biodemography of Exceptional Longevity in the United States. This project proposes to investigate why some people manage to survive to extreme old age (100+ years) and what are the biological and social correlates of exceptional longevity. These are important issues not only for demographic forecasts of human mortality and population aging, and the policy implications on health-care and pension expenditures, but also for improving our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of human aging and longevity. The project proposes to explore the effects of early-life living conditions, adult physical characteristics, marriage, and reproductive history on exceptional longevity, and will test a number of related biomedical and social hypotheses.  The project is designed as an interdisciplinary study of exceptional human longevity. To contribute to the research infrastructure for subsequent longevity studies world-wide, a database with integrated, matched information on longevity predictor variables will be developed, and made available to the research community on the Internet. More

EIA-878 Motor Gasoline Price Survey and the EIA-888 On-Highway Diesel Fuel Price Survey. ​NORC at the University of Chicago conducts survey operations for the EIA-878 “Motor Gasoline Price” and EIA-888 “On-Highway Diesel Fuel Price” Surveys, which are sponsored by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy. NORC is collecting data on the cash price of self-serve, conventional, and reformulated motor gasoline and self-serve, motor vehicle diesel fuel from a nationally representative panel of gas stations on a weekly basis. More


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