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Working Paper Series

Pre-publication versions of book chapters, reports, and articles by NORC Experts.

The NORC Working Paper Series makes results of current social science research undertaken at NORC available in advance of publication or presentation at conferences to share preliminary findings with the larger research community and to encourage discussion among and feedback from researchers working on related topics. Working papers are pre-publication versions of academic or policy articles, book chapters, or reviews. Posted papers are typically in progress, with preliminary findings, tables, and data descriptions, but the work is far enough along and ready to be shared. Some Working Papers may already be under submission or in press and forthcoming elsewhere.

The views expressed in Working Papers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of NORC or the organizations and institutions funding our work. Working Papers have been reviewed internally at NORC but have not been reviewed by subject experts. We expect Working Papers to undergo revision(s). The most current version is posted here but there may be another version in progress and you may want to check with the corresponding author before citing.  Unless otherwise stated on the cover page you may cite without permission. The proper form for citing a NORC Working Paper is: Author (year). Title. Version # Month. NORC Working Papers.

We encourage comments!  Please send comments and questions about a particular Working Paper directly to the author at the email address listed on the cover page.

Working Papers

Instability Overlooked: Evidence for the Importance of Household Roster Data Collection and Matching Over Time. du Toit, N., and Haggerty, C. 2014 Download the PDF

Efficiency Improvements in Multi-Mode ABS Studies: Modeling Initial Mode Decisions. Reimer, R., Amaya, A., and LeClere, F. 2014 Download the PDF

The Effect of Survey Mode on Socially Undesirable Responses to Open-Ended Questions: A Mixed Method Approach. Wallace, D., Hedberg, E.C., and Cesar, G. 2014 Download the PDF

Elder Mistreatment Predicts Later Physical and Psychological Health: Results from a National Longitudinal Study. Wong, J., and Waite, L. 2015 Download the PDF

Economic Voting in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election: Attribution of Responsibility as a Mediating Factor for Economic Perceptions. Bautista, R., Morales, M., and Wolter, K. 2015 Download the PDF

Should Students be Paid for Achievement? A Review of the Impact of Monetary Incentives on Test Performance. Le, V. 2015 Download the PDF 

Aggressive Behavior and Cannabis Use. Liu, W., and Petras, H. 2015. Download the PDF

Unit Nonresponse in a Presidential Election Day Survey: An Initial Multilevel Exploration Using Fully Conditioned Imputed Data. Bautista, R. 2016 Download the PDF

The Presence of Non-Parent Adults and Economic Realities for Children in Low-Income Neighborhoods. Bachtell, K., du Toit, N., and Haggerty, C. 2016 Download the PDF

Estimation from Purposive Supplements to Probability Samples by MOD-I: A Model-Over-Design Integration Approach. Singh, A. 2016 Download the PDF 

Loneliness in Older Adults in the USA and Germany: Measurement Invariance and Validation. Hawkley, L., Duvoisin, R., Ackva, J., Murdock J., and Luhmann, M. 2016 Download the PDF