NCSE's 13th National Conference

The 13th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment (NCSE) will convene in Washington D.C. from January 15 to 17. This year's theme is "Disasters and Environment: Science, Preparedness, and Resilience" and the conference will bring together over 1,200 leaders from the emergency response, scientific policy, conservation, and business communities.

Supporting Community Resilience (Breakout Workshop 20)
NORC Research Analyst Molly Jones is the organizer of this breakout workshop included in the “No Regrets Resilience Case Studies” track. Panelists include David Kaufman, Director of FEMA's Office of Policy and Program Analysis; Jacqueline Yannacci, Director of Community Resilience at the American Red Cross; Joe Abrams, Member Chairman of The Alliance for Community Solutions; and John Kiehl, Regional Services Director for the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission.

NORC Program Area Director Michael Meit will moderate the workshop.

The workshop will explore a number of examples which provide important lessons to all seeking to support community resilience.  Two specific examples include:

  • The American Red Cross Community Resilience Pilot program, focusing on the ARC Community Engagement Strategy (CES), is an ongoing process to build resilience by enhancing community collective action around preparedness.
  • The communities who represent the Alliance for Community Solutions use technology and analysis to improve resiliency while putting in place systems that, while critical in emergencies, are useful to the community on many levels on a day to day basis.

Outcomes will draw upon these practical and successful examples and include strategies for future efforts. The workshop will also result in new relationships and partnership that will have on-the-ground impact after the conference.

To learn more, or register, visit the NCSE website.