FedCASIC 2013

The U.S Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are hosting the 2013 Annual Federal CASIC (computer assisted survey information collection) Workshops from March 19 to March 21, 2013 at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Conference Center in Washington D.C.

NORC experts are participating in several FedCASIC Workshops including:

  • Plenary Panel: Social Media and Survey Research, with Mike Stern
  • Conference Program: Recent Innovations, with Judi Petty
  • Cost Implications of New Address Listing Technology: Implications for Efficiency and Data Quality, with Katie Dekker
  • Using Paradata to Track and Improve Interviewer Quality Across Projects and Over Time, with Kyle Fennell
  • Using Paradata to Improve Survey Efficiency for Linguistic Minorities, with Kari Carris
  • Management Challenges in CAI Survey Organizations, with panelist Missy Koppelman
  • CAPI Surveys on Android Devices in the Developing World, with Sam Haddaway
  • The Challenges of Big Data, with Timothy Mulcahy, Johannes Huessy, and Daniel Gwynne

Learn more about the 2013 FEDCasic Workshops at the Census Bureau site.

View the 2013 FEDCasic program.