Clancy Blair on Impact of Early Experience on Executive Functioning, Special Workshop on Human Potential

Clancy Blair will present "Stress, Poverty, and the Development Executive Functions in Children," a Special Workshop on Human Potential Event, this Wednesday February 20 through the Population Research Center.

The talk will focus on the effects of psychosocial stress on child development and describes mechanisms through which early stress in the context of poverty affects executive functions and self-regulation development in early childhood. Effects of early experience on executive functions and on early school achievement will be examined with data from a population-based sample of children and families followed from birth through school entry.

Clancy Blair, PhD, is a developmental psychologist who studies self-regulation in young children, Dr. Blair's research focuses primarily on the development of cognitive abilities referred to as executive function, which are important for school readiness and early school achievement, and the effects of early life stress on executive function development.

For more information, visit the site. The workshop will take place at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies.