Sara Henning

​Sara A. Henning, Ph.D., is Deputy Director the Academic Research Centers. Henning is also the Associate Director of Training for the Center on the Demography and Economics of Aging at the University of Chicago and NORC. She directs the analytic team for the National Social Life Health and Aging Project (NSHAP), a national study examining the relationship between health and social life in the context of aging.  NSHAP includes nine senior investigators and a dozen other researchers.  Dr. Henning coordinates the analytic efforts of this large team to insure quality, consistent outcomes research.  Her research interests focus on the relationship between social factors and health in the aging, particularly in the areas of functional impairment, disability and elder mistreatment.  She has published in the areas of dementia-related caregiving, long-term care, and elder mistreatment and she has extensive analytical experience in the study of patient–care-giver dyads and longitudinal design.