Heather M. Morrison

Heather M. Morrison is a Senior Research Director in the Health Sciences department at NORC.

Morrison has more than 14 years of experience conducting large-scale, complex survey research projects and is widely skilled in all aspects of survey data collection, organization, and analysis.  She possesses an acute awareness of the need to combine the methodological requirements of high-quality data collection with ethical treatment of respondents, a balance that is particularly important in health research. She has the technical knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to move ambiguous and vague tasks forward and she is exceptionally skilled at building high-functioning teams.

Morrison currently serves in two key roles for NORC’s work on the National Children’s Study (NCS): Communications and outreach lead and Principle Investigator for the Health Measurement Network (HMN). As communications lead, she has been responsible for developing and implementing community outreach and engagement strategies to retain NCS study participants and their families.  In this role Morrison has been responsible for engaging community stakeholders, designing and conducting local activities that raise awareness of the Study, and evaluating communications and community outreach and engagement materials and activities.  She also oversees all Social media activities.

As PI for the HMN, Morrison collaborates with representatives from other NCS contractors to provide oversight and guidance for the overall HMN. She also oversees a team providing support for four domain groups under NORC’s prevue: Lifecourse Health Systems, Motor, Sensory, and Physical Health –facilitating the development and testing of approved measures within these domains.  Morrison also supports a Multicultural and Health Disparities working group formed to evaluate approved measures for sensitivity to different cultures and disparities in health.

Morrison previously served as project director for the State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Surveys (SLAITS) -- a series of nationwide surveys that built on the extensive random-digit-dial sampling frame of the National Immunization Survey (NIS). Morrison's tenure in this role spanned a broad range of SLAITS surveys including the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN), the National Survey of Children's Health, the National Survey of Adoptive Parents, and the Survey of Adult Transition and Health. Morrison has also overseen a series of SLAITS follow-back surveys to rare populations including the Survey of Pathways to Diagnosis and Services, targeting households with children diagnosed at one time with autism, developmental delay or intellectual disability; the National Survey of Children in Nonparental Care, and the National Survey of Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Prior to her experience on SLAITS, Morrison played increasingly senior roles in a number of NORC's large-scale complex survey research projects, most notably, the evaluation of Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health 2010 (REACH) where she gained experience across the broad range of data collection tasks from interviewer training to development of a client-oriented data analysis workshop. She also served as Project Director of two nationwide studies designed to evaluate the performance of organizations offering the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, Morrison was responsible for oversight of all aspects of project quality and management including proving weekly deliveries to brief the Secretary of Health and Human Services on the responsiveness of Medicare Part D providers to prospective consumers.