Erin R. Tanenbaum

Erin Tanenbaum is a Senior Statistician in the Statistics and Methodology department with NORC at the Univeristy of Chicago. Ms. Tanenbaum has over 10 years of experience in statistical analysis, survey research, outcome analysis, record linkage, geographical information systems, and small area estimation. Tanenbaum has led teams through large scale quality improvement initiatives as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has a proven record of applying her expertise to quality and productivity improvements in survey applications.

Tanenbaum is a statistician for the NORC assessment of the Person Identification Validation System, which is the Census Bureau’s production capability to verify and search for Social Security Numbers or Protected Identification Keys for person records in demographic surveys, censuses, or administrative records. Tanenbaum also has the ability to develop close relationships with subject matter experts to stimulate methodological and operational innovation. As an analyst in REACH U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's flagship study to evaluate the effects of community-based health disparities interventions, Tanenbaum has partnered with subject matter experts to develop analytic tools which explore grantee behaviors and their outcomes. Tanenbaum also serves as a statistician on multi-disciplinary research projects including the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development's National Children's Study, the Census Bureau’s Non-Response Follow-Up Simulation, and the National Science Foundation's Survey of Doctorate Recipients.

For five years, prior to joining the NORC, Ms. Tanenbaum held leadership roles at the Nielsen Company. Erin was responsible for statistical research, quality improvements, and outcomes studies. While at Nielsen, Tanenbaum developed and implemented survey analysis methodologies for commercial, non-profit, and government clients. Ms. Tanenbaum managed teams which employed data imputation, survey weighting, small area estimation, non-response analysis, generalized linear models, logistic regression, non-parametric regression, factor analysis, categorical data analysis, economic analysis, geographic information systems, forecasting analysis, focus groups, questionnaire design, data linkage, consumer sentiment analysis, sample frame creation, and probability sampling. Ms. Tanenbaum began her career in analytic consulting, at Ernst and Young where she worked as an analyst on a large project developing performance measures for a regional telephone company in its attempt to satisfy regulators in order to enter the long distance market. Ms. Tanenbaum also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers where she analyzed recruiting outcomes and program assessments for various clients and the Census Bureau in the Monthly Retail Trade Division.

Ms. Tanenbaum received her Master’s degree in Applied Statistic from the University of Michigan and her B.A. in Economics from Kalamazoo College. She has presented regularly at the American Statistical Association. She also served as the keynote speaker at the Classification Society Annual Meeting, and taught a short course through the virtual Direct Marketing Association. She has presented on topics such as mix models, consumer profiling, statistical engineering, and statistical communication. Ms. Tanenbaum is a contributing editor for AMSTATNews’ Masters Notebook column.

Tanenbaum serves as Vice-Chair for the Applied Statistics Committee of the American Statistical Association (ASA), is a President-elect appointee for the ASA 2011 initiative on career success factors, and a former Classification Society of North America board member.