Emily Armstrong

Emily Armstrong, a deputy director in the Health Care department, brings significant project management experience and clinical expertise to her role.  She was the project manager for one of two NORC-led evaluations of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation's Round One Health Care Innovation Awards, focused on 23 awardees' care delivery implementations targeting complex, high-risk populations.  Working collaboratively with task leaders, Armstrong is currently the project manager for the extended NORC team conducting the evaluation of the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization model for the Innovation Center. She is responsible for the management and oversight of the extended team, ensuring adherence to established deliverable deadlines while closely monitoring resources. Armstrong also provides clinical and evaluation support to the prime contractor responsible for determining compliance of quality health plans for the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

Previously, Armstrong contributed to an environmental scan of NIH development and diffusion programs, culminating in the development of a framework suitable for application across federal agencies; an analysis of the benefits of electronic health records in calculating accurate risk adjustment methods for Medicare Advantage plans; and an analysis and summary of a variety of technologies and portable smart devices within health care settings for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She was the project manager for NORC's support of CMS' 1115 Demonstration Evaluation and Review project for several years, providing project management and also assistance with individual state demonstration reviews.

Prior to joining NORC, Ms. Armstrong worked in clinical risk management and has over 10 years' experience working in patient care environments, with a focus on maternal, geriatric and psychiatric populations.