Chet Bowie

Chet Bowie is an Executive Vice President of Research and leads the Economics, Justice, and Society department.

Bowie has over 40 years of experience in designing and conducting large-scale, national household, establishment, and educational institution surveys; combining administrative data with survey data for policy-relevant research; and conducting survey research in areas such as interviewing methods, questionnaire design, and survey automation.

Before joining NORC, Bowie worked at the U.S. Census Bureau for more than 30 years, culminating in his tenure as Director of the Demographic Surveys Division. In this position he directed a division of 240 technical staff members (survey statisticians and IT specialists) responsible for the negotiation, development, collection methods, and compilation of survey data for federal, state, and private reimbursable customers. From 2005-2007, Bowie was vice president for Market Strategies Inc.'s government, foundation, and academic research unit.

Bowie is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and a past chair of the Government Statistics Section of that organization.