Al Crego

Al Crego is a Senior Research Methodologist in the Statistics and Methodology department for NORC at the University of Chicago. At NORC Crego manages incoming Medicare data, creating beneficiary-summary files for the purpose of experimentation with masking data. Crego performs duties maintaining Child and Teen components of CDC surveys of immunizations. Additionally, Crego manages the data for NORC's National Frame project, which develops a large postal and supplemental listing database. Crego also assists research and development and is also on a team that will evaluate for NORC new software for manipulating large datasets.

For nearly nine years prior to joining NORC, Al worked with the RAND Corporation. For multiple studies Al organized and managed multi-faceted Medicare data. Further large studies at RAND included analyzing all California enrollees in Wellpoint, BlueShield, and Kaiser individual health insurance plans, managing all data for published research on New York City's grade-promotion policies and its later impacts on achievement through high school.

Al managed and performed the construction of a Census database and Al performed data manipulation and analysis for a survey of about 25,000 military officers whose focus was what defined 'jointness' in military service. Crego was also a private contractor for the National Institutes of Health where he managed and analyzed ongoing data in conjunction with epidemiologists studying problem behavior in schools and its impacts for publishable research. Al was employed by the World Bank where he managed from the databases for Ghana and Nigeria including all national accounts and import/export data.

Recently Al was part of a team that made presentations at the 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings and has been published in a variety of journals.